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Worksite Lactation Support


Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling:
A Journey Together




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NEW WIC Trainings for 2012
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EVERY MOTHER, INC. trainings are interactive and fun!  They focus on combining the science with practical strategies that are doable in the “real world,” and use a variety of learning styles to enhance learning.  Because trainers have both field experience and extensive experience in providing training across the U.S., trainings bring the world to YOU with lots of stories and examples of creative solutions and strategies being used in a variety of settings.  Training programs can be tailored to your unique setting, and new training programs can be developed upon request.


  • NEW Peer Counselor trainings "The Journey Continues" - Click here to download descriptions [Word document]

  • NEW "Grow and Glow" WIC Staff trainings "Beyond the Basics" - Click here to download descriptions [Word document]

    Worksite Lactation Support - Click the links below for a description of each.

    Note: in addition to training presentations and conference workshops, Every Mother is also available to assist organizations with webinars on various topics related to lactation support in the workplace. Webinars can be tailored to fit the individual needs of the business/organization.

    USDA Breastfeeding Programsclick title for description
    • Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together – FOR TRAINING PEER COUNSELORS
    • Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together – FOR WIC MANAGERS
    • Using Loving Support© to Grow & Glow in WIC: Breastfeeding Training for Local WIC Staff
    • Using Loving Support© to Build a Breastfeeding-Friendly Community

    General Motivational Programsclick title for description
    • Making Meaning of What we Do
    • The Change Salon: Welcome to a New You!

    Counseling and Educationclick title for description
    • Counseling with Both “I’s” Open (single session or day-long workshop)
    • Breastfeeding: Building Connections with New Families
    • Using Social Media to Reach New Moms Today
    • Dealing with the Tough Ones
    • Innovative Presentation Techniques

    Breastfeeding Clinical Managementclick title for description
    • Mother Knows Breast: Helping Mothers Gain Confidence in Their Milk Production
    • Returning to Exclusive Breastfeeding after Formula is Introduced
    • The Golden Hour After Birth
    • Answers for the Anxious: Tips for Getting Through the First Week
    • Peer Counselor Continuing Education Workshop

    Breastfeeding Promotion and Supportclick title for description
    • Creating a Breastfeeding-Friendly Community
    • Nothing But Breastmilk: Empowering New Moms to Exclusively Breastfeed
    • Peer Counseling: Making a Difference for WIC Families
    • Talking the Talk with Teens
    • Tipping the Scales: The Impact of Breastfeeding in Lowering Obesity Rates
    • When Disaster Strikes: Breastfeeding in Emergency Situations

    EVERY MOTHER, INC. will provide all the materials needed to apply for continuing education credits. It is the responsibility of the requesting agency to apply for and fund the cost of continuing education credits since policies sometimes vary from state to state.

    Costs typically include travel expenses for the trainer(s) and a standard consultation fee, which varies depending on the number of training sessions requested. Contact us at info@everymother.org today for a quote.

    EVERY MOTHER, INC. trainings are flexible, and can easily be adapted to meet the needs of the host organizations, or to fit time constraints. Trainings can be provided as conference sessions, individual day-long workshops or seminars, and multiple “roadshow” training events across various regions of a state. Either one or two trainers can be provided, depending on the type of training desired and the schedule of trainers.

    For the best training date options, plan to book your training as far in advance as possible. The busiest training months tend to be March through September.

    To arrange a training, follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact Every Mother at info@everymother.org or 662-931-6367 to provide:
      • Training interest and needs
      • Preferred dates (if known) [Note: Every Mother is happy to hold dates for up to 6 weeks while you work out training details.]
      • Conference or training details (city, number of sessions, training site, and recommended hotels)

    2. Every Mother, Inc. will provide a QUOTE with estimated expenses based on the training details provided, and negotiate terms with the requesting organization.

    3. Requesting organization approves the quote in an email or letter, and processes a contract, letter of agreement, or purchase order as required by the organization.

    4. Once the quote is accepted and a contract or purchase order is issued, Every Mother will arrange travel and provide the organization with all materials needed to write for continuing education units.

    5. Every Mother will provide electronic handouts for the training event

    6. Every Mother will deliver an outstanding, memorable training program and submit invoice.

    7. Requesting organization processes the invoice and submits payment within 30 days.


    The Time is Right
    Have we reached a “tipping point” with regard to breastfeeding becoming the social norm in the United States? Session addresses national initiatives in the realm of worksite lactation support, health care, and other initiatives, with an emphasis on implementing the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding.
    Session Length: 1 hour

    Implementing the Federal Nursing Breaks Law
    Creative solutions for providing time and space for nursing mothers in the workplace in accordance with the Federal Nursing Breaks Law in the Affordable Care Act. Session is designed for managers and HR directors, and addresses creative solutions in non-office work environments such as retail stores, restaurants, and outdoor settings. Session can also be adapted to specific worksite settings:
    • Colleges and Universities
    • K-12 Schools
    • Hospitals and Health Care Institutions
    • Hourly Jobs (general)
    • Retail Stores
    • Restaurants
    • Other settings upon request
    Session Length: 1-1.5 hours

    Easy Steps to Employee Lactation Services
    Practical strategies for HR managers, supervisors, and co-workers for creative a positive environment in the workplace that supports women who are nursing their babies. Session includes benefits of lactation support services to the business and to coworkers, needs of women who are nursing their babies, and practical ways to merge the needs of employees and business.
    Session Length: 1-1.5 hours

    The Business Case for Breastfeeding
    How to present the “business case” for breastfeeding to employers and conduct a community-wide workplace support initiative, including understanding employer barriers to providing breastfeeding support, “business” messages that resonate, and creative outreach strategies. The training is based on research conducted with employers across the country as part of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau project, The Business Case for Breastfeeding.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours (single session overview)
    12 hours (2-day intensive workshop for community partners with strategic planning)
    6 hours (1-day workshop)

    Making it Work: Supporting Employed Mothers with Breastfeeding
    Practical, effective strategies for health providers who work with breastfeeding women, with information on how to help women maintain their milk production and continue breastfeeding after returning to work, strategies for time and space to express milk at work, assisting women in talking with supervisors and coworkers, and gaining support from family, friends, and colleagues at work.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Making it Work: Supporting Low Wage and Hourly Workers with Breastfeeding
    Practical, effective strategies for health providers who work with breastfeeding women working in low-wage and hourly jobs, particularly in non-office settings. Session includes research on the impact of low-wage work environments on breastfeeding success, strategies for helping low-wage earners navigate breastfeeding support options, and creative solutions for lactation support in non-office settings typical for hourly workers (such as retail stores, restaurants, and outdoor settings).
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    EVERY MOTHER, INC. trainers, have been instrumental in developing the national WIC breastfeeding trainings below, and are available to provide these in your community!

    Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together –

    Innovative and cutting edge presentation design with high visual, flexible navigation approach to training peer counselors. Training includes the role of peer counselors, reasons to breastfeed, addressing barriers to breastfeeding, counseling and communications skills, using social media for communicating with new mothers, how the breast makes milk, helping mothers get a good start with breastfeeding, addressing common concerns, and how to talk with mothers from pregnancy through weaning.
    Session Length: 14 hours (2 full days) for “Train the Trainer” program
    24 hours (3-4 days) for direct training of peer counselors

    Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together – FOR WIC MANAGERS
    Practical strategies for implementing an effective peer counseling program, including the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Loving Support© Model, management considerations in establishing a peer counseling program, recruiting and hiring peer counselors, scope of practice, supervising and mentoring peer counselors, and retaining staff.
    Session Length: 6-8 hours (1 day)

    Using Loving Support to Grow and Glow in WIC: Breastfeeding Training for Local WIC Staff
    This training is for all WIC Staff to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to promote and support breastfeeding. This comprehensive program provides evidence-based information along with opportunities to practice new skills in the areas of communication, encouraging exclusive breastfeeding, how the breast makes milk, common breastfeeding concerns, and how to help mothers continue breastfeeding when they are away from their baby. The training can be provided as a “train the trainer” program for those who will be training WIC Staff or it can be provided as direct training of WIC Staff.
    Session Length: Varies--14 hours or 2 days (“Train the Trainer”)
    24 hours or 3-4 days (direct training for WIC Staff)

    Using Loving Support© to Build a Breastfeeding-Friendly Community
    USDA’s exciting and highly successful Using Loving Support© to Build a Breastfeeding-Friendly Community project, implemented in 25 States, continues to be available for States or local agencies who want to build a strategic plan for improving breastfeeding initiation and/or duration rates. This community-based training focuses on using social marketing principles to plan and execute a comprehensive, multi-faceted breastfeeding program, and includes: basic social marketing principles, successful examples of breastfeeding program implementations, effective techniques for mobilizing staff, educating clients, implementing public communication programs, outreaching health providers, and gaining buy-in from community groups. It also includes an opportunity for attendees to develop their own community-based strategic breastfeeding program.
    Session Length: 14 hours or 2 days

    Making Meaning of What We Do
    This humorous and inspiring look at the reality of life in the “giving” business will help attendees become rejuvenated and refreshed as they learn to set priorities that matter.
    Session Length: 1 hour

    The Change Salon: Welcome to a New You!
    It seems that every day there’s something new to incorporate into our practice. Maybe it’s time for a visit to the Change Salon where the bold FACE IT and EMBRACE IT approach produces makeovers that make a difference. This humorous look at changes uses drama and storytelling to communicate inspiring and practical ways both staff and clients can deal with change.
    Session Length: 1 hour

    Counseling With Both “I’s” Open
    A fun, highly interactive approach to talking with new mothers from the perspective of both “I’s,” or individuals, in the counseling encounter. The single session or day-long workshop focuses on strategies to build “connection before content,” and strategies to unlock powerful motivators of clients, including emotion-based messaging, effective interview techniques, active listening principles, and adult learning principles that make the difference. A wide variety of engaging activities and practices are included.
    Session Length: Single 1.5 hour session, 3-hour workshop, or 6-hour workshop

    Breastfeeding: Building Connections with New Families
    Adaptation of the “Counseling with Both “I’s” Open training includes a stronger focus on the motivators and deterrents to breastfeeding, and strategies for helping new mothers work breastfeeding into their life.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Using Social Media to Reach New Moms Today
    What do new mothers really want? This session focuses on what matters most to new mothers, and ways to use communication venues that they will listen and respond to.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Dealing with the Tough Ones
    Using effective active listening principles when counseling harder to reach clients (ex: clients who are shy, rude, disinterested, or have cultural differences that are unfamiliar to the counselor.
    Session Length: 1.0-1.5 hours

    Innovative Presentation Techniques
    Creative strategies based on adult learning principles that effectively engage your audience and keep them wanting more. Includes effective ways to use stories to communicate key concepts, how to incorporate effective visuals and demonstrations, and techniques for facilitating group discussion. These powerful techniques can be used in teaching new mothers in prenatal or postpartum classes, in-service education for colleagues, and formal presentations.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Mother Knows Breast: Helping Mothers Gain Confidence in their Milk Production
    Real or perceived low milk supply is the primary reason women begin supplements or wean altogether. In this lively session, the mysteries of how the breast makes milk are explained with practical strategies for applying the new anatomy discoveries into effective clinical practices and counseling support. The session also provides creative strategies, games, and visual tools that could be used in classes and counseling to help new mothers feel confident that they can make plenty of milk.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Returning to Exclusive Breastfeeding After Formula is Introduced
    Helping mothers return to exclusive breastfeeding once they have already begun formula supplements, including an overview of milk production basics, conducting a clinical assessment of the mother and baby, safe transition from formula to exclusive breastfeeding, and counseling strategies.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    The Golden Hour After Birth
    Babies are born ready to connect and learn through their five senses--our
    job is to give them the opportunity to do this important work! This session
    includes a look at the amazing sense-abilities of the newborn, the science
    behind keeping mother and baby together after birth, as well as ways to
    empower mothers to welcome their baby softly.
    Session Length:1.5 hours

    Answers for the Anxious: Tips for Getting Through the First Week
    Addressing breastfeeding concerns heard most often from new mothers, including: what to do when baby won’t latch; making plenty of milk; and getting through the emotional ups and downs of the first week.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Peer Counselor Continuing Education Workshop
    Every Mother, Inc. can tailor a workshop specific to the continuing education needs of peer counselors. Typical topics address counseling difficult clients, new evidence for the impact of breastfeeding, counseling mothers who doubt they are making enough milk, and other topics requested.
    Session Length: Half day to full day

    Creating a Breastfeeding-Friendly Community
    This motivational session provides an overview of successful strategies implemented across the U.S. to create a breastfeeding-friendly community. The session explores the use of social marketing principles to plan an effective breastfeeding promotion campaign, principles behind USDA’s WIC National Breastfeeding Promotion program, Loving Support© Makes Breastfeeding Work, and creative strategies to support breastfeeding families, including educating clients, gaining buy-in from staff, healthcare providers, and the community, and using public awareness channels.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Nothing but Breastmilk: Building Rates of Exclusive Breastfeeding
    Factors that impact early supplementation, including the impact of “just one bottle,” reasons women choose to supplement early, and practical, doable strategies that build exclusive breastfeeding among new mothers from pregnancy through each critical weaning window.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Peer Counseling: Making a Difference for New Families
    The powerful connection formed through breastfeeding “mother to mother support” programs has been found repeatedly in the research to be an effective way to encourage women to breastfeed, and to continue breastfeeding through critical weaning periods. This session highlights findings from national research conducted with WIC and non-WIC agencies across the country as part of the “Using Loving Support© to Implement Best Practices in Peer Counseling” project. The session highlights factors that contribute to the successful implementation and continuation of peer counseling programs.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Talking the Talk with Teens
    Emotional and physical changes that pregnant adolescent mothers typically experience, and practical, effective strategies for providing breastfeeding educational messages, tips for counseling adolescents, and creative classes and support groups for teens.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    Tipping the Scales: The Impact of Breastfeeding in Lowering Obesity Rates
    Insights into the science linking breastfeeding and lower obesity rates, along with practical, doable strategies that can improve breastfeeding rates. The session also addresses supporting obese mothers with breastfeeding.
    Session Length: 1.5 hours

    When Disaster Strikes: Breastfeeding in Emergency Situations
    What truly helps in an emergency, supporting breastfeeding families who have been affected by unforeseen emergencies, and how to work with emergency relief workers and agencies in your community to provide support.
    Session Length: 1.5 hour conference session, 3.0 hour workshop

    Contact info@everymother.org for more information, to obtain a quote, or to arrange for a training event.



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