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Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling:
A Journey Together




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Our mission is to help every new mother reach her parenting goals through training, technical assistance, and breastfeeding promotion materials for breastfeeding educators, health-care professionals, and mothers.

Training Programs
- for health professionals that focus on counseling and lactation topics
Curriculum Development
- lactation and related programs
Tecnical Assistance - planning breastfeeding promotion and support programs for your community.
Resources and Products
- to aid health professionals in serving new families.

Every Mother, Inc. complies with the International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes.  We do not accept funding from companies that violate the Code, or entities that have financial relationships with companies that violate the Code. 

Quilting has long been a labor of love stitched by dedicated seamstresses
in an effort to cover their family members with warmth and beauty.
The quilt motif used in the Every Mother, Inc. logo is a reminder of the importance of each piece in the design, for when the pieces are sewn together, they form a beautiful pattern. In the same way, when each member of the circle of care for new families provides accurate and consistent information and support, and mothers can feel surrounded by the warmth of support that makes a difference in their ability to reach their parenting goals.
  Quilt hand-stitched by Linda Inglis

Cathy Carothers Kendall Cox

Co-founders and co-directors of Every Mother, Inc. are Cathy Carothers (BLA, IBCLC, RLC) and Kendall Cox (BA, IBCLC, RLC), who are well known nationally for their expertise in counseling and breastfeeding education. Both Cathy and Kendall have been actively involved in working with new families over the past 15 years, and have provided training for health professionals in nearly every U.S. State. They focus on a lively, engaging training style to help audiences embrace practical strategies for making a difference with new families.

EVERY MOTHER, INC. is in full compliance with the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and Subsequent WHA Resolutions. Trainers do not accept funds from or present at educational events sponsored or hosted by companies that manufacture infant formula, infant foods, bottlefeeding paraphernalia, or other products designed to replace breastfeeding, Every Mother, Inc. trainers reserve the right to withdraw as a speaker from any event sponsored by these companies that violate the Code.

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